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APUSH Reflection: 11/30/18

What is the most interesting thing you have learned about the Civil War?  What do you want to more about? Why does this conflict matter so much for the United States? Explain.

The Civil War was such an important conflict because not only did it abolish slavery in the end, but it also helped define where authority was in the government. What was interesting to me about the Civil War was how the advantages and disadvantages of the Union and Confederacy line up pretty well with those of the British and Patriots in the American Revolution. The Union had more people, wealth, and a stronger government during the war, but they were on the offense, which meant that the Union would have to beat enough of the Confederate army to win. The Confederacy had much fewer people, wealth, and a looser government run by the states. However, they were fighting a defensive war so they just had to keep fighting against the Union and they would still have a chance of getting their way. The Confederacy, much like the Patriots, also tried to enlist international help, however, they ended up failing at receiving this help because of some battles lost and the central ideas around slavery that many British people disagreed with.

This war is pretty important to American history, and I feel like I did a deeper dive into this war in my middle school conflict course so I know a good bit about it. I think I could look more into how civilians were affected during the war and possibly go to museums or sights on my own to get a different perspective on these events.



11/9/18 APUSH Reflection

From the material we have looked at from 1815 to 1850, what is the most significant in creating the conditions for the coming Civil War? Does it teach us any lessons we can use in America today? What if we don’t learn from the past? Explain.

There are multiple significant conditions that were created between 1815 to 1850 that helped lead to the Civil War. The most obvious of those is the mindset around slavery and the policy-making, or lack thereof, for this controversial issue at the time. Because of the very controversial nature of slavery in the government, politicians often tried to ignore the issue and leave it for someone else to deal with later. Slavery is the biggest contributor to the Civil War, and also influences bigger divisions between the North and South along with other changes.

During this time the North was constantly growing more industrial and the South kept being agricultural. The states started to grow more to the West as well, and this caused conflict over whether these would be slave states or free states. The expansion of America, as well as the start of a division in the economy, led to a bigger divide in the North and South interests. With conflicting interests on the economy, especially what to do with slavery, this changing time is bound to lead to conflict, which eventually turns into the Civil War.


APUSH Journal: How would you react?

If I had lived in the colonies during the period of 1763 to 1776 how would I have reacted? I would want to say that I would have joined in the revolution, but honestly, I probably would have stayed neutral to the situation unless someone pushed me to help the Patriots. Many of the leaders of the revolution were men, and as I am a woman, it would be more difficult to be involved in politics during this time period than it is today. I’d probably be a little annoyed by some of the taxes imposed on the colonies, such as the Stamp Act, but wouldn’t take much action at first. Also, living in Georgia, there was an even lesser chance that I would get involved in the revolution compared to people living in Massachusetts or New York because Georgia had stayed out of the assemblies that were brought together during the revolution until later in the period.

Now if something similar to the American Revolution happened today, I would be more likely to speak up. Democracy and representation are engrained in American society so if a power outside started imposing rules without our representation, there would be a lot more backlash initially. There’s also the internet, which was not available during the colonial period. Online, people could sign petitions, contact government officials more easily, and generally get their opinion out about this issue and this modern version of the American revolution would probably end more quickly with much less violence.

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APUSH Journal: What event so far in American history creates the most curiosity for you?

The most interesting events discussed for this class are the founding of the different colonies.  Before now I didn’t realize how many countries had settled in the Americas. England, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal had all founded different parts of North and South America, and these lands changed over time. American history didn’t start off with just one country creating a bunch of colonies, it was a sort of competition between multiple countries to get new land and make the most money off of that land. These different countries had found land with indigenous people already there, which originally created some diversity in the colonies. The combination of the cultures and religions of the different European colonies, the indigenous people, and even later the Africans brought to America created some diversity in the colonies that I had not known as much about before.

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APUSH Reflection

Last week I learned about the European Exploration into America which included Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange. What was interesting to me is how this exploration in the has affected the world so much today, especially because of the Columbian Exchange. Unlike explorers before, Columbus’s journey created a bond between the new land and Europe that had not existed as strongly before. Through this bond, Europeans were able to trade and bring many things to and from America, for better or for worse. The Columbian Exchange led to a new interconnectedness between places that was not there before. Fast forward to now and you can see that this first bond has helped create a very interconnected global world.



This interim, I got to go to Chicago. The trip was fun and I got to see a lot of cool things around the city but getting there was not so easy. At the beginning of our trip, we barely missed our flight and ended up having to wait at the airport for hours. Then we all went on a flight the Charlotte, NC and had some more waiting to do. Finally, we got on the flight to Chicago and landed at 5 pm. The first thing we did was go up to the top of the Sears tower which was once the tallest building in the world. There was a glass box that jutted out from the building where you could look out and see the whole city. It was beautiful with all the lights making the city twinkle in the dark.

Throughout the trip, I got to see a lot of different kinds of art. We to the Chicago Art Institute and some of the more traditional art, we saw a performance from the Chicago Symphony,  we saw the musical Love Never Dies, and went on an architecture tower around the city to see the thought behind the buildings around Chicago and some of the public art like The Bean. Along with seeing lot’s of different kinds of art in Chicago, we also saw the culture and history of the city. I learned that there was a fire that burned down most of the city in the 1800s, and the whole city had to be rebuilt. The city is better designed because of this and is structured in a grid system. However, Chicago is a segregated city, with different cultures living in certain regions. You could be driving through Chinatown seeing a lot of seeing a lot of signs in Chinese or other Asian languages, and then you might find yourself in Greektown which looks very different. There are so many different cultures throughout Chicago. As well as learning about the cultures and the arts in Chicago, we also got to see some science museums. In the main science museum, there was a huge WW2 submarine that you could go inside and do a tour of, and a genetics part of the museum where they hatched baby chicks. A field museum we went to was a lot like the Fernbank Museum here in Atlanta, but a lot bigger.

With saying all this, you can’t talk about the trip without talking about the food. I knew about Chicago style pizza and hotdogs before going on the trip, but I did not know that beef sandwiches were such a big deal there. I got to try one and let me just say, it was so good. Yes, I did try the pizza too which was also awesome. On the coldest day, I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream before going on a Ferris wheel and had beignets with Nutella dip before seeing the Second City improv show. I even got to try a red velvet donut with some cream cheese icing in the middle.

Overall this trip was awesome. The little bump in the road at the beginning did not stop me having fun. I got to learn some of the culture and history of Chicago, see amazing art on stage and on canvas, try new foods, and get to make new connections with people on the trip. I will definitely remember this interim week.



How was 2017?

2017 was a year of change for me with so many new things happening. I got to be a part of some cool projects as well as reach some life milestones along the way. What exactly happened in 2017?

This was a year. I finished my freshman year of high school and also got my driver’s license, two big milestones. I started posting my art online more often and some of my art and animations got noticed by some creators I look up to.  At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was a part of Magic Paintbrush, a school play that involved music and puppetry, and we toured it to other schools close by. I went to DragonCon with my friends and saw Imagine Dragons in concert. made new friends and said hi to old ones.  I played games, watched movies and videos, sang and danced, laughed, cried, and gave hugs.

Lots of new things happened, new exciting things. New stories, new jokes, new skills, and new experiences. This past year was a pretty positive one for me, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. I’ll have to see what comes soon since it’s only February.


Outside School

Spring Break: Off to NYC

Over spring break I got to go to New York City with family and friends. It was the first time I’ve ever been and I got to do a ton of stuff. I went through Times Square, saw three plays, ate great food, went to the crown in the Statue of Liberty, walked a lot, went shopping, and talked with friends and family. The part that I was most excited about before we got there was seeing Hamilton, and I was so happy that I got to see it! I also got to see Kinky Boots and Aladdin, and for Hamilton and Kinky Boots, I got my playbills signed by some of the actors which were awesome!

During the week we also went to historical sites like The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Trinity Church, and the 911 Museum. Going up the Statue of Liberty was actually a little scary because to get up to the crown you had to go up these steep and tight spiral stairs, and it was even harder to get back down. The view from the top was gorgeous, though. Everyone also went on a mafia tour around the city and afterward went to this Italian restaurant with super good pasta and a dessert place next door with cannolis. We did eat a lot of Italian that week. There were some cool shops around Times Square too, so we went to check them out. There was a Hersheys Store, M & Ms, and Disney.

After a fun week sightseeing around New York City, it was time to go home. I waved goodbye to the bustling city as the plane took off and I headed back to Atlanta.




3-Day Startup

This past weekend I got to go to an amazing experience called 3-day startup. From Thursday to Saturday I worked with people in IDiploma to learn how to start a business. During the three days, I brainstormed ideas with others, voted on them, got into groups, pitched our idea multiple times, and got help from mentors who had experience as entrepreneurs.

The group that I was in did something called Fashion Box. Fashion would be a monthly subscription box of clothing, sorta like Stitch Fix. The difference is that when you sign up you get a box, and you do a spring cleaning of your closet. Then you send the clothes you never wear back to the company. After that, you’d get a box of clothes, like a mini wardrobe, that you could wear for a month, and send it back at the end of the month. We’d use a mix of clothes that we buy from fashion companies and the sent in clothes from our subscribers. When the clothes got worn a certain amount of times they would be donated to people in need. Our group was a mix of freshman (Skyler, Caroline, and I) and juniors (Maxine and Colton) so it was cool to

Our group was a mix of freshman (Skyler, Caroline, and I) and juniors (Maxine and Colton) so it was cool to be able to work with others outside of our grade. The best part of this experience for me was getting outside feedback with mentors, interviews, and pitches. On Saturday, everyone got to go out into the community and interview some people about things that pertained to our business. It was cool to hear what people said and how they reacted to certain questions. Also the same day, everyone got to talk to mentors who had had experience in business or entrepreneurship. After this, we took all the feedback and used it to help make pitches. We did an intermediate pitch on Saturday first, which was a bit rough and stressful because it was everyone’s first one, and a final pitch on Sunday. The pitch on Sunday was in front of all the students, parents, and a panel of entrepreneurs.

After having this experience I have discovered the value of feedback and having multiple times to try something so if you mess up you can learn from it and try again. You might have to change your idea multiple times to get it right, and feedback helps you do that. Even now I don’t think my group’s idea is perfect, but if we ended up working on it further in the future, maybe we could change things and make it work. This was a very valuable experience to me and I’m very happy that I got to go through and see how to almost start up a business.


Interim Reflection

During interim I got to experience many things throughout the week including making pasta, visiting the aquarium, practicing acting and audition skills, and going on a movie tour around Atlanta. Each one of these had a small impact on me that helped me learn something new. Making pasta ended up being a little more difficult and messy than I first thought. Making the dough was hard to do without getting egg and flour all over your hands, but in the end it was fun to work as a team to make something delicious. Everyone in the team had a role they played for different tasks, and we all collaborated to make the food. Next I went to Act3 and got to practice acting. The group for this was pretty small so it was a great experience to learn and have fun. We played improv games, did a practice audition, and shared theater stories with each other. I have liked acting already so getting to have this experience made me like the hobby even more. At the end of the day we self choreographed a dance together and did a little musical theater number with mics and everything. Getting this experience helped me practice my hobby and get to know friends who like the same things. The next day I went to the aquarium and on a behind the scenes tour learned about jobs that are needed to run the place. Almost anyone could work there because so much was needed to keep things going. Scientists, trainers, planners, engineers, doctors, even artists could help out and work at the aquarium. Maybe in the future I could work there? Who knows. My next activity was going on a movie tour around Atlanta, and I really liked it. Seeing the places around Atlanta that things like Hunger Games or The Walking Dead were filmed really helped me see Atlanta in a new light. A lot more movies and tv shows were filmed here than I had realized. Also I learned that it’s not that hard to get a job on a movie set, especially if you want to become an extra. I could do something with that in the future. On the last day of interim I did some service by going to a place where they make packages for moms who can’t afford supplies for their children. I was completely unaware of this issue before I came to help sort and package things, so this really helped open my eyes to something that is a problem in the community.

Out of all of these experiences I learned how to work with others better, the culture around Atlanta involving tv shows, movies, and the aquarium, the jobs that were involved with movies and the aquarium that I could maybe try in the future, and the issue that is caring for a child when you don’t have a lot of money. I learned about Atlanta as a community and also about other students while working in groups to accomplish things.  Collaborating with others was involved in almost every adventure I took on, and I’m glad that I got to practice being a collaborator this week. All in all I felt like the week was a great learning experience for me, and I got to try a lot of new things and even do things that I already love like acting. I went from a chef, team mate, actor, learner, movie fan, and service volunteer all in one week, and each role brought with it a new perspective to see. The week was a great time to explore and see things that I usually don’t get to explore in my everyday life, and I’m glad I had all these experiences.