This interim, I got to go to Chicago. The trip was fun and I got to see a lot of cool things around the city but getting there was not so easy. At the beginning of our trip, we barely missed our flight and ended up having to wait at the airport for hours. Then we all went on a flight the Charlotte, NC and had some more waiting to do. Finally, we got on the flight to Chicago and landed at 5 pm. The first thing we did was go up to the top of the Sears tower which was once the tallest building in the world. There was a glass box that jutted out from the building where you could look out and see the whole city. It was beautiful with all the lights making the city twinkle in the dark.

Throughout the trip, I got to see a lot of different kinds of art. We to the Chicago Art Institute and some of the more traditional art, we saw a performance from the Chicago Symphony,  we saw the musical Love Never Dies, and went on an architecture tower around the city to see the thought behind the buildings around Chicago and some of the public art like The Bean. Along with seeing lot’s of different kinds of art in Chicago, we also saw the culture and history of the city. I learned that there was a fire that burned down most of the city in the 1800s, and the whole city had to be rebuilt. The city is better designed because of this and is structured in a grid system. However, Chicago is a segregated city, with different cultures living in certain regions. You could be driving through Chinatown seeing a lot of seeing a lot of signs in Chinese or other Asian languages, and then you might find yourself in Greektown which looks very different. There are so many different cultures throughout Chicago. As well as learning about the cultures and the arts in Chicago, we also got to see some science museums. In the main science museum, there was a huge WW2 submarine that you could go inside and do a tour of, and a genetics part of the museum where they hatched baby chicks. A field museum we went to was a lot like the Fernbank Museum here in Atlanta, but a lot bigger.

With saying all this, you can’t talk about the trip without talking about the food. I knew about Chicago style pizza and hotdogs before going on the trip, but I did not know that beef sandwiches were such a big deal there. I got to try one and let me just say, it was so good. Yes, I did try the pizza too which was also awesome. On the coldest day, I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream before going on a Ferris wheel and had beignets with Nutella dip before seeing the Second City improv show. I even got to try a red velvet donut with some cream cheese icing in the middle.

Overall this trip was awesome. The little bump in the road at the beginning did not stop me having fun. I got to learn some of the culture and history of Chicago, see amazing art on stage and on canvas, try new foods, and get to make new connections with people on the trip. I will definitely remember this interim week.



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