Outside School

Spring Break: Off to NYC

Over spring break I got to go to New York City with family and friends. It was the first time I’ve ever been and I got to do a ton of stuff. I went through Times Square, saw three plays, ate great food, went to the crown in the Statue of Liberty, walked a lot, went shopping, and talked with friends and family. The part that I was most excited about before we got there was seeing Hamilton, and I was so happy that I got to see it! I also got to see Kinky Boots and Aladdin, and for Hamilton and Kinky Boots, I got my playbills signed by some of the actors which were awesome!

During the week we also went to historical sites like The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Trinity Church, and the 911 Museum. Going up the Statue of Liberty was actually a little scary because to get up to the crown you had to go up these steep and tight spiral stairs, and it was even harder to get back down. The view from the top was gorgeous, though. Everyone also went on a mafia tour around the city and afterward went to this Italian restaurant with super good pasta and a dessert place next door with cannolis. We did eat a lot of Italian that week. There were some cool shops around Times Square too, so we went to check them out. There was a Hersheys Store, M & Ms, and Disney.

After a fun week sightseeing around New York City, it was time to go home. I waved goodbye to the bustling city as the plane took off and I headed back to Atlanta.




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