Interim Reflection

During interim I got to experience many things throughout the week including making pasta, visiting the aquarium, practicing acting and audition skills, and going on a movie tour around Atlanta. Each one of these had a small impact on me that helped me learn something new. Making pasta ended up being a little more difficult and messy than I first thought. Making the dough was hard to do without getting egg and flour all over your hands, but in the end it was fun to work as a team to make something delicious. Everyone in the team had a role they played for different tasks, and we all collaborated to make the food. Next I went to Act3 and got to practice acting. The group for this was pretty small so it was a great experience to learn and have fun. We played improv games, did a practice audition, and shared theater stories with each other. I have liked acting already so getting to have this experience made me like the hobby even more. At the end of the day we self choreographed a dance together and did a little musical theater number with mics and everything. Getting this experience helped me practice my hobby and get to know friends who like the same things. The next day I went to the aquarium and on a behind the scenes tour learned about jobs that are needed to run the place. Almost anyone could work there because so much was needed to keep things going. Scientists, trainers, planners, engineers, doctors, even artists could help out and work at the aquarium. Maybe in the future I could work there? Who knows. My next activity was going on a movie tour around Atlanta, and I really liked it. Seeing the places around Atlanta that things like Hunger Games or The Walking Dead were filmed really helped me see Atlanta in a new light. A lot more movies and tv shows were filmed here than I had realized. Also I learned that it’s not that hard to get a job on a movie set, especially if you want to become an extra. I could do something with that in the future. On the last day of interim I did some service by going to a place where they make packages for moms who can’t afford supplies for their children. I was completely unaware of this issue before I came to help sort and package things, so this really helped open my eyes to something that is a problem in the community.

Out of all of these experiences I learned how to work with others better, the culture around Atlanta involving tv shows, movies, and the aquarium, the jobs that were involved with movies and the aquarium that I could maybe try in the future, and the issue that is caring for a child when you don’t have a lot of money. I learned about Atlanta as a community and also about other students while working in groups to accomplish things.  Collaborating with others was involved in almost every adventure I took on, and I’m glad that I got to practice being a collaborator this week. All in all I felt like the week was a great learning experience for me, and I got to try a lot of new things and even do things that I already love like acting. I went from a chef, team mate, actor, learner, movie fan, and service volunteer all in one week, and each role brought with it a new perspective to see. The week was a great time to explore and see things that I usually don’t get to explore in my everyday life, and I’m glad I had all these experiences.


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