Humanities Proposal

Recently in my Humanities class, which is a mix of English and History class, we did a research proposal about a problem in the community. I decided to research and write about sidewalks around the Sandy Springs and Atlanta area and how to fix them. This is because a lot of the time, the sidewalks are cracked or drop off at one point and pick up later down the road. During the process of researching I actually figured out that some others were already working to solve this problem, so I added my own spin on it. Instead of just repairing the sidewalks, why don’t we add art to them as well?

I was pretty proud of my idea and as I went along I felt like I accomplished what I needed to do. One thing that I wish I could of done was figure out how to put captions under or beside the pictures without messing up the format that I had going. That was one thing that frustrated me a lot towards the end of my work, bu other than that I feel like this project was a success.


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