Learning on the Fly

An engaging learning experience for me was in 7th grade when I took a theater class at school. I had already been in plays for the past few years, but this class would be a little different because we would be learning improv. Many of the people in the class knew each other and the people who didn’t got to know each other more during the semester. Every day it would be our first class and every day something new would happen. You would come in and see the teacher, Mr. Taylor, sometimes at the door or on stage in the black box. The class learned from games around team work and making things up on the fly which were fun and engaging. At first, some of the games were a little uncomfortable because you’d be doing silly things in front of people, but after a while you got more confident and didn’t feel as self conscious in front of people.

The big things that I learned from the class is teamwork, confidence in front of people, and coming up with things on the fly if I need to. Everyone was nice to each other and I learned skills that could help me not only in theater, but in other places as well. At the end of the semester we even got to have an improv show for our parents to show off what we’ve learned which was super fun. I learned a lot from this class and I’m glad that I got to have the experience.


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