Last semester in the fall I made some goals for myself that I tried to stick to to make the semester go more smoothly. Some of them were trying to improve in math, comunicate more in discussions, and finding time for hobbies. I’ve took some steps to achieve most of these goals. Speaking out in discussions was one of the easier ones to do because all I had to do was speak up and not be afraid to say something. There have been a lot of discussions in Humanities that have helped me achieve this goal and get my voice heard. My skills in math have gotten better over time, but I still get a little stressed when studying. Although I’m doing well on the topic I’m learning right now, I still need to work harder in the future. Finally, I have found time to work on my hobbies whether it be at home or on school projects. I’ve even started posting some animations that I made on Youtube.

I’ve achieved my goals partially and it can only go up from here. I hope that I can keep these goals in mind in the future and keep working towards them as I go through highschool.


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