Crafting Strengths

During this module in IDiploma, we got to create and tinker with three different projects such as 3D printing, making a wheelchair ramp, and creating an Eye Writer that tracks your eye so you can write with your eye. Now it’s Wonder Week, a week that we take time to reflect on what we just did. For the past few weeks while doing these projects I learned a few things. One thing is that 3D printing can actually get pretty frustrating if you can’t get the software tool you want to work. Also sometimes making a circuit with two lights is a lot harder than it looks. Seriously, though, there were some challenges when it came to these projects, and one of the key things that I’ve learned is that you probably won’t get something perfect on the first try.

Multiple times during the project there were points when things didn’t go as planned. When we were 3D printing, as I said before, one of the tools on the software was not cooperating at all and the whole group got super flustered and we had to change the plan to get things done. In the next project, working on the wheelchair ramp, we didn’t even finish building the ramp because we didn’t account for the amount of days that we didn’t have school or had something going on during 4th period. We also spent too much time prototyping the ramp. While working on the EyeWriter and testing the circuit for the lights, and they would not work until we put it onto the EyeWriter with less wire. What do these three things have in common? Things didn’t go to plan.

In all the instances above something went wrong and we had to adapt to the situation. One thing I have taken away from this is that an innovator should expect the unexpected. Innovators should expect for something to go wrong and be ready to adapt to that thing that happened because there will always be something that happens that doesn’t go according to plan. If you plan for things to go wrong then you may be more prepared when it actually does go wrong.

One of my strengths is Adaptability, and I feel like this module helped me use that strength in many ways. Every time something happened that wasn’t according to plan we would all ask other groups for help if they had already done the project or change things up to see what happened.  I got to use this strength during all the projects and I didn’t really realize until now.

If I could do this module over again, I would  be more prepared for things to go wrong, and be ready for change when it would come along. I would want to spend more time focusing on my other strengths that I tried to use like Intellection or Positivity. Just overall, I’d want to use the things I learned from this module and apply them in the redo.

The biggest things I’ve taken from this module is that it’s ok to fail up. Also, I got to use my own strengths and sometimes I didn’t even realize I was using them. I learned some great things from this module, and I’m excited for what is coming next.


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