3D Printing and Strengths

Just this week, my IDiploma cohort finished a few group projects that we had been doing for about two weeks. There was a group trying to make a wheelchair ramp, an eye writer, and in my group’s case, a 3D printed technology. All of our projects had to do with assistive technologies, and we also had one more thing in mind while going through the process. Before we did this project, we took a strength finders test to find out our top five strengths; before we started working we listed our strengths in the order of how we thought they applied to us. Then we circled the second one on the list and had to focus on that one strength during the project.

My strength was intellection, which means that I like to read and gain knowledge and come up with questions about that knowledge. It was difficult to start to intentionally use my strength, and I feel like it only came through when we were brainstorming and figuring out what we were going to model. I still need to work on using this in the future, and maybe this particular strength wasn’t the best one for the situation, but the project itself was pretty fun.

I was with Catherine S. and Grace G. in my group, and the first part of the project was to do some tutorials, although we all finished on different days, so that made it a little harder to keep time, but we managed. Our design came out to be an assistive technology that would help someone open a soda can with a tab. You would hold onto a grip, put the lever part under the tab, and push down to make the tab go up and open the can. During the process of making it on the software, we tried to add grips to the handle and a little slope on the end of the lever part to make it fit better under the tab, but the software wasn’t cooperating when we tried to do it, and we didn’t want to go insane trying to do it over and over, so we just settled for the basics.

In all honesty, I feel like we came out with a good product and even though there were a few bumps in the road on the way to the end, it turned out alright.

Picture URL:http://diy3dprinting.blogspot.com/2014/12/buzzbox-universal-3d-printer-enclosure.html


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